Branding is important. It’s the difference between PG Tips and Twinings. They may both be selling teabags but their branding tells entirely different stories, not just about their products, but about the consumer base they’re aiming to attract. It really is a case of whether or not they’re your ‘cup of tea.’

Whether you realise it or not, every purchase you make, helps create a commercial story about the type of person you are. And brands want to fit into your own personal narrative.


What is brand journalism?

Branded journalism is the science of telling brand stories in a way that won’t turn people off. The best branded journalism appears native to the type of media that it’s served on, be it YouTube, print, digital or social. If it’s a branded piece of content for a type of car for a female lifestyle site, it has to feel natural to the rest of the content around it. Audiences will engage much more if they feel understood rather than sold to.

Brand journalism is a clever way of telling a company story, be it a new launch or service, or a complex new campaign, and integrating the key information in a way that’s engaging and relevant to the audience. It has to be contemporary, newsworthy, on brand but also considerate of its context.

My experiences bringing brand stories to life

My career has seen me write and manage branded content for a multitude of commercial campaigns via female lifestyle site Sofeminine and YouTube network Channel Mum.

From contributing creative ideas to client pitches, presenting at ad agencies to writing treatments and talent briefs for brands as diverse as Boots, Cadbury’s, Aveeno, Butlins, L’Oreal and Vileda, I get seriously excited (sad as that sounds!) about bringing brand stories to life in a way that feels genuine, relevant and interesting.

Every brand has a emotive story to tell. I have a wealth of creative ideas that can help you tell your brand’s story in a way that resonates with your target audience.

I am available to hire as a freelance brand journalist. Please email me at to tell me about your brief.