Brand Development

Every successful business depends on building a successful brand.

What’s your story?

Every business starts with the idea that it’s solving a problem, but to make your business really work, you need a brand identity that creates a lasting connection with your audience.

Brand development is a creative challenge that I absolutely relish. From shaping captivating brand stories to defining your core values, determining strategy on how to position your brand or refocusing your existing brand to excite a new audience, I can help.

Whether you’re a brand new start-up, an established market leader or a company that’s going through a period of development, strengthening your brand identity is vital to stand out. It makes all the difference between inspiring customer intrigue or becoming white noise.


Brand tone of voice

Companies that haven’t nailed their tone of voice are essentially greeting every potential customer with a limp-as-lettuce handshake, and no business wants to make a weak first impression. 

I work with companies big and small to determine a brand tone of voice that feels right. It often starts with getting to know the past, present and future goals of your company, looking at the competitive marketplace and really understanding what it is that makes your company different (and better).

Once your brand has a tone of voice that fits your mission and identity, you can start to connect more quickly with customers, communicate your position more effortlessly and increase your sales without having to try so hard.

No matter what kind of voice you need; formal or friendly, relaxed or edgy, I can experiment with style and tone until we strike brand voice gold. As well as a thorough examination of your brand values and USPs, once a brand tone of voice has been decided on, I’ll write a company style guide that sets out how to use language in your unique brand voice.


Brand stories

Why does every company need a great brand story? Because great stories get shared. It’s as simple as that. Everyone knows the stories behind Facebook or Innocent or Jack Daniels. A bit of quirk, a touch of imagination, some human element, it sounds simple enough to get a brand story right, but get it wrong and it can really damage your whole brand positioning.

A good brand story should inspire on several levels. It should build trust and confidence and give customers a reason to believe in your brand. I’ve worked with brands at different stages of their businesses to help focus their brand stories to enhance their overall brand.

Whether you need an inspiring brand story for a reseller pitch, to capture the imaginations of angel investors or simply need a brand story as part of your website, I’ll work with you to determine the best angle for your needs. Once the angle and key messages are defined, I’ll write your brand story in such a way that it meets all your business objectives, while exciting all of your customers.

Ursula Brunetti is an experienced freelance copywriter based in London. Get in touch via to arrange a call or a coffee to discuss your project.