Naming & Taglines

I can help with product naming, brand naming, slogans, taglines and campaign names. 

Need help with naming a new product or service?

It’s a tough enough job to come up with an original name that hasn’t been taken already, let alone find a name that sums up everything you need it to. No matter whether you’re an established business launching a new product or are a start-up with a brand new concept, brand and product naming can be even harder than naming a baby. Trust me, I’ve had experience with both.

The fact is brand names and slogans matter. They’re what your business or service is known as. They position your brand values and help you stand out.

A good name has to stick in the mind of your target market but a great brand name will be remembered by everyone. 

Likewise, slogans and taglines can be very nuanced, so it’s no wonder many businesses turn to professional copywriters (like me!) to help with naming. Naming involves a lot of creative problem-solving and is a lot more detailed than merely finding a name that sounds good. It has to work from all angles. It requires considerable market research and industry immersion.

Whether you need a whole new word, a combination of words, an experienced professional copywriter can think around your brand to offer up names and slogans that excite you as much as they entice your customers.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch via to arrange a call or a coffee to discuss your project.