I’ve done stuff. 

Life Experience

I have a background in PR and marketing, journalism, digital content strategy, SEO copywriting and entrepreneurship. I’ve written copy for clients in many different industries and pride myself on being able to find the right tone of voice.

In the past I’ve set up my own business, so I have a precise understanding of the startup space and the branding challenges faced by entrepreneurs and business owners. I know the determination is inexhaustible. The buzz is real. The drive is relentless. And the results have to be second to none. My copy can help you achieve the voice you want, attract the audience you need, and can translate to transactions.

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Some of my areas of expertise


I have a background as a beauty editor and have written commercial beauty content that spans the industry.  From cosmetic clinics, to natural skincare, to makeup startups and more, I know my MAC from my Maybelline.


I’ve worked with leading stylists and supermodels. I’ve attended international fashion weeks and have been a Vogue finalist for my writing. I’ve written copy for exclusive luxury lines as well as fast-fashion sales copy for easy impulse buys.


Discerning clientele? High end products? Premium pricepoints? I’ve written commercial content for leading luxury brands in the travel and fashion sectors among others. My copy ensures your communications are as first-class as your products.


Tough gig parenthood. But it’s full of everyday joys too. I’ve written copy for various mum-focused and family-centric brands. From midwives to parenting blogs and gift site start-ups to consumer campaigns, all aimed at the parenting pound.

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